14th generations since 1669

Dating from 1669, fourteen generations of the Mochel Family have lived in Traenheim, an Alsatian village steeped in wine history. Traenheim is situated in the northern part Alsace, 20 km west of Strasbourg.

The old press in our courtyard is an historical link to our past. Before the First World War, we only had 2 ha of vines so, in order to support the family, agriculture (farming cattle) was necessary. Vines became the principal source of income after the Second World War. In the 1960s Frédéric Mochel bought many uncultivated parcels of land on the hill of the future Altenberg de Bergbieten. In 1967 the Estate had 8 ha of vines.

Guillaume, the new generation, took over the estate in 2001. Between heritage and modernity, he perpetuates a familial tradition, while instilling a fresh breeze on the estate.

As an independent winemaker, we respect our terroir, we work and harvest our own vineyard. We make the wine, bottle and sell it directly from our cellar.

We are currently converting to organic farming and continue to respect the soils and the vines as we have done in the past.

Our focus is to produce wines that bring pleasure to those who taste them.


Our Terroirs

Traenheim – a project of communal appellation

Traenheim is an Alsatian village steeped in wine history. During the Middle Ages, « DREHEIM » is cited in the archives of Pope Leo IX. He declared in 1050 to the Hesse Convent «  an annual income of 6 barrels of wine from Dreheim and 10 silver shillings ». It is the first mention of wine coming from Traenheim. Later, according to the historian Grandidier, Pope Alexander III gave to the Neubourg Abbey an estate in Traenheim mainly planted with vines.

We mainly find Pinot and Gewurztraminer in the vineyards of Traenheim. But the Pinot family, and above all the Auxerrois grape variety, really love the heavy and marly soils of Traenheim. The acidity of the grapes is preserved thanks to the north-west facing slopes of the vineyards. The grapes attain a high sugar level whilst retaining their acidity. That is why the wines are powerful, delicate and easy to drink.

Launched in 2011 by the four independent winemakers of Traenheim, the project of communal appellation is based on rigorous specifications. The wines poducted have to be white and dry (4 gr/l of residual sugar maximum). Spefically, the wines have to be a blend made from the Pinot grapes varieties only (Pinot blanc, Auxerrois, Pinot gris and Pinot noir).

Traenheim (blue route)



ID card of Traenheim terroir

Geography : north-west facing – terrasse farming

Altitude : between 210 and 265 meters (the Steinacker is the highest point)

Soil type : marly soils

Surface area : 44 hectares among 80 hectares taken on for the project of communal appellation

Grape varieties : Gewurztraminer (25%), Auxerrois (24%), Tokay Pinot Gris (21%), Pinot Noir (14%), Riesling (6%), Sylvaner (6%) and Muscat (4%)

Our Estate : 1.20 hectares among 5 hectares are in the project of communal appellation




Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergbieten

In the heart of a large natural amphitheatre in the northern part of the Alsace wine-growing area, the Grand Cru is situated in the municipality of Bergbieten. The terroir is delimited by the Vosges mountain range to the north, and the Scharrach hill to the east which isolates it from the Alsace plain. The Altenberg de Bergbieten is one of the northern Grands Crus of Alsace.

The Altenberg hill is ideally exposed south/south-east, protecting it from northerly winds. To the west, the Vosges form a protective screen against rain from the west. So, along with its open landscape it bathes in optimum sunlight all day long. The wines have bold and impressive acidity and express both intensity and elegance. After a few years of ageing, they reveal a smoky character and typical minerality of this Grand Cru.

For many reasons this Grand Cru is a meticulously-grown treasure. Bergbieten started developing thanks to the interest of Merovingian and Carolingian kings. Later on, it was religious congregations which managed Bergbieten before it was returned to the wine-growers during the Revolution. Since that time, they have strived to make Altenberg de Bergbieten a recognised cru in numerous countries helped by its proximity to Strasbourg and the Rhine. Today, agricultural practices target the ideal expression of this distinguished quality.

In Alsace, the lieux-dits called «Altenberg», literally «old mountain» are historically those which have always been farmed as vineyards.
Bergbieten is cited in the archives archives of Pope Leo IX in 1050. It belonged to successive religious congregations and to the bishopric of Strasbourg, before being returned to the wine-growers in 1789. Throughout the centuries the reputation of the Bergbieten vineyards expanded and was confirmed beyond the Alsace borders. During the inauguration of the Mutzig military camp in 1894, Emperor William II, upon tasting an Altenberg Riesling, was curious to know where it was produced. The vineyard-owner Ellensohn pointed over to the vineyard, upon which the emperor requested that these vines be respected and protected.

The Grand Cru was rewarded in 1983 and classed with the appellation of Alsace Grand Cru with 24 other lieux-dits.

Altenberg de Bergbieten (yellow route)



ID card of the Altenberg de Bergbieten

Geography : south and south-east facing – gentle hillside slopes

Altitude : between 210 and 265 meters

Soil type : marl-limestone-gypsum soils

Surface area : 29,07 hectares

Grape varieties : Riesling (75%), Gewurztraminer (19%), Pinot Gris (3%) and Muscat (3%)

Our Estate : 5 ha – Riesling 59%, Gewurztraminer 31% and Muscat 10%







Our Iconic Wines

Crémant brutTraenheim

Crémant d’Alsace

80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir – sparkling wine made using the traditionnal method like Champagne – 36 months aged on laths

Pale yellow, expressive, fine and elegant, with notes of white fruits and a hint of brioche. A lively attack, with tinny bubbles and a well-balanced body.

Awards : Gold medal (Concours National des Crémants) – Decanter Magazine 90 pts – Revue des Vins de France 14.5/20 


Riesling Altenberg de Bergbieten Cuvée Henriette

Bright yellow, mineral and fruity notes (citrus fruit and pear). A lively and straight attack. Fine sweetness woth a tense finish.

Awards : James Suckling 95 pts (vintage 2014) – Guide Vert des Meilleurs Vins de France 16/20 (vintage 2016) – Best of Riesling 85 pts (vintage 2017) – Blind Tested 89 pts (vintage 2017) – James Suckling 97 pts (vintage 2017) – Guide Vert des Meilleurs Vins de France 16/20 (vintage 2017) – DWWA 91 pts (vintage 2018) 



100% Muscat Ottonel

A pale yellow robe. The fruit intensity is distinctively grapey with a hint of apple. It is accompanied by muscat-like notes. A lively attack and a fine body. The finish is fresh and smooth.



70% Pinot Blanc and 30% Pinot Gris

A pale yellow robe. Expressive and elegant, with notes of white flowers with a buttery mouthfeel. A lively and straight attack, then comes roundness and richness. The finish is elegant and fresh.

Awards : Coup de Cœur Guide Vert des Meilleurs Vins de France (vintage 2014) – DWWA 90 pts (vintage 2014) – 1 star Guide Hachette (vintage 2017) – Guide Vert des Meilleurs Vins de France 15/20 (vintage 2017)


Gewurztraminer Altenberg de Bergbieten

Golden yellow. A complex aroma palette with notes of flowers and exotic fruit. Aeration in the glass reveals spicy notes. An intense palate with a silky finish. The wine is well-balances by some residual sugar.

Awards : James Suckling 90 pts (vintage 2017)


Pinot Noir Réserve

Aged in oak barrels

A deep red colour. A flattering nose with notes of red fruit and smoky under tones. On the palate, the wine is pleasant, intense and soft.


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